CosmeJob: a job network dedicated to the cosmetics industry
CosmeJob’s mission is to put recruiters from the cosmetics industry in touch with qualified candidates (min. baccalaureate or equivalent) who are motivated to continue their professional career in this sector.
CosmeJob targets its activity at all stages of the production of beauty products, including design, development, manufacture and BtoB marketing. The BtoC distribution of finished products does not fall within the scope of its activities. Its objective is to promote employment in sectors directly linked to the development of cosmetic products, including ingredients, finished products and packaging.
Finally, CosmeJob allows the free promotion of training courses leading to a qualification in the cosmetics industry.

IT and Civil Liberties

 All the services provided by the Cosmejob server have been declared to the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) under the number: 1384880.
In accordance with the Data Protection and Civil Liberties law of 6th July 1978, confirmed by the EU directive no.95/46 of 24th October 1995, candidates and recruiters are able to consult the data relating to them, change the data and if necessary, terminate their registration and request that all related data are deleted.
No personal information is used for any unintended purpose or without the knowledge of the internet user. Information relating to the candidates, notably the CVs, is meant only to be consulted and selected by companies and recruitment professionals.


- Free services
CosméJob grants candidates, actively or passively looking for a job or work placement, free access to services enabling them to consult job and work placement offers, register a CV and consult training courses.
- Posting a CV on the CosmeJob network
The information gathered by recruiters, who may keep hold of it, is no longer the responsibility of CosmeJob but that of the recruiter. 
 The CV is registered on the Cosméjob database for as long as the candidate deems useful during his/her professional career. At any time, he/she may update, modify or ask CosmeJob to delete the CV or his/her profile.
After 12 months, if a candidate’s CV has not been updated, he/she receives an email informing him/her that unless the CV is updated, it will be deactivated on the CosmeJob network database. The candidate can request that the CV be reactivated at any time, by emailing If the candidate has no online access, the request can be made by telephone on +331 64 97 01 63 or by writing to CosmeJob – 91 allée Edmond Delfour 91070 Bondoufle France.


 - Posting job and work placement offers on the CosmeJob network
Advertisements are dated and published for a maximum period of 60 days. Offers are removed from the network as soon as the recruiter informs CosméJob that they no longer correspond to a vacant position. An offer may be reposted, after having been updated, on the request of the recruiter, if the position has not been filled (after 60 days of publication).
CosméJob undertakes to publish job and work placement offers which include at least the following information: the sector of activity, the job title, the description of the tasks to be carried out, the description of the skills required for the vacancy, the type of work contract and its duration if it is a fixed-term contract or a work placement, the place of work, the date the offer is issued.
CosméJob undertakes to guarantee as far as possible, the authenticity of the information posted. In order to be published on the CosmeJob network, recruiters’ job postings must conform to current legislation (art. L. 122-45 and 311-4 of the French Employment Code).
The publication of a job offer presupposes that the advertiser, all companies (whatever their nationality and location of their head quarters), associations, local authorities, etc., will respect the rules of publication and respect the principles aimed at protecting the rights of candidates during the hiring process, i.e. not to act in a discriminatory manner, not to mislead candidates.
Whatever the nationality of the author of the posting or the employer, any offer for a job to be carried out on French territory must be written in French.
CosmeJob reserves the right to refuse purely and simply any offer, even one currently posted, and in particular when due to its nature, its text or its presentation, the advertisement appears to be contrary to the spirit of the site or may lead to complaints from visitors to the site or third parties.
The recruiter undertakes to follow up the applications for job and work placement offers for which advertisements are published on the website, and to do so as quickly as possible.

- Access to the CV library
The CVs and information gathered from the CV library by recruiters, who may keep hold of them, are no longer the responsibility of Cosméjob but that of the recruiter.
CosmeJob in no way guarantees the reality of the content of the information contained in a CV posted online. CosméJob asks candidates who post a CV online to confirm a statement of truthfulness but does not have the means to verify the accuracy of the qualifications and the skills of the candidate.